Forbes Profiles Comex, The Genius Behind JailbreakMe

Posted on August 1, 2011 by

Forbes has written an interesting article about Comex, the 19-year-old hacker who has released multiple jailbreak tools for the iPhone over the past years. He is best known for JailbreakMe, a tool to jailbreak iOS devices, including the iPad 2, by just visiting a website.

To the public, Allegra has been known only by the hacker handle Comex, and keeps a low profile. (He agreed to speak after Forbes‘ poking around Twitter, Facebook and the Brown Directory revealed his name.) But in what’s becoming almost an annual summer tradition, the pseudonymous hacker has twice released a piece of code called JailBreakMe that allows millions of users to strip away in seconds the ultra-strict security measures Apple has placed on its iPhones and iPads, devices.

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