RUMOR: Apple Working on Television for Early 2012 Release

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We’ve heard these rumors before, that an Apple-branded television would be released in the near future. The rumors are always started by “analysts” who think they know how Apple thinks.

Venture capitalists Stewart Alsop recently said that “he has heard multiple sources throughout Silicon Valley that the Apple television project is underway.”

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster cites component suppliers as well as an internal Apple source to suggest that Apple is planning on launching a television sometime in the 2012/2013 timeframe.

I personally don’t believe any of these rumors because I don’t think it would make much sense for Apple to sell an actual television right now. I think they are going to keep working on improving Apple TV, the $99 device that connects to any HDMI television.

Source: Mac Rumors

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  1. vesperdem says:

    I sure hope you are right about Apple spending some time improving AppleTV. It’s pretty darn good, but it does need some improvements.

    Like every time I restart iTunes on my Mac Pro, I have to reboot my AppleTV for it to see it correctly. Don’t know why I have to, but it’s the only way it sees my Mac Pro correctly after I quit and restart iTunes.

    The problem with TV’s that have built-in stuff, is your stuck with what ever you chose until you need a new TV. That can be many years if you bought a decent TV. Yet, you never know if Roku will come up with something amazing or Boxee box, etc… Sure, you can probably put a Roku onto an Apple manufactured television, but you wasted the money that Apple added to the cost of the TV for the special innards they put in to give you special functions.

    I will always buy a stupid television monitor rather than one with something extra.

  2. eli says:

    I agree completely. I’m fine with keeping a television for 5+ years, but I have to get every new revision of Apple products. Spending $99 on a new Apple TV every year or two isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t want to have to spend $1000-$2000 or more on a new television. I believe Apple wants to make money off the Apple TV by selling content, not on the hardware itself. It’s much easier to get an Apple TV in every home when it cost only $99, and then they’ll continue to make money off of it with selling content, maybe even apps in the future.

  3. vesperdem says:

    @eli Absolutely agree 100%. :)