Review: iPhone 4 LifeProof Case Protects Against Water, Snow, Dirt, Sand and Shock with Style

Posted on September 21, 2011 by

I’ve been looking forward to the release of LifeProof’s iPhone 4 case for a while now, and after using it for a week, I’m even happier than I expected. LifeProof is unlike any other iPhone case you’ve seen before. It not only offers some of the best shock and impact protection, but it also gives you the ability to take your iPhone underwater.

I tested LifeProof in the pool and it’s awesome. The pictures and videos taken underwater look great. The case is completely waterproof to a depth of 6.6 feet. You can even listen to music underwater using waterproof headphones and the LifeProof waterproof headphone adapter, which is sold separately. I spend a lot of time at the pool during the summer, and I love being able to enjoy the water without worrying about getting my iPhone wet. I haven’t used it at a waterpark yet, but I’m sure it will make the day even more fun.

But being waterproof isn’t the only thing that makes LifeProof so cool, it also has amazing shock and impact protection. I was a little scared to test this out at first, but after lightly tossing it around for a few minutes, I started getting more comfortable. I’m not going to say it’s implausible to break the iPhone while in the LifeProof case, but you would definitely have to try pretty hard. I would trust LifeProof over any OtterBox case.
The speakers and microphone work great when using LifeProof. The designers must have used some “magic” from Apple when creating this case, because I don’t see how else the microphone and speakers would work so well and still be waterproof. Talking on the phone while using LifeProof sounds exactly the same as it does without the case on.

The plastic that covers the front of the iPhone doesn’t effect the use of the iPhone’s screen. Of course it feels a little different since it’s plastic and not glass, but the response of the touchscreen is still great.

Considering all the protection LifeProof gives the iPhone, it’s incredible how thin and stylish it’s able to be. It’s obvious after using LifeProof that a lot of time was spent in research and development. LifeProof weighs less than an ounce and is only 1.5mm thicker than the iPhone. It’s thinner than many other cases I’ve tested, yet offers so much more. No one would think it was a waterproof case just by looking at it, but trust me, it is. I’ve already had some fun scaring people by “accidentally” dropping it in water.

The iPhone 4 LifeProof case cost $69.95, which may sound a little expensive to some, but it is well worth the price when you take into account everything it offers. LifeProof is currently available in black, white, pink and purple from the Online Store. And starting on September 25, LifeProof will also be available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores.

LifeProof for iPhone 4 gives you more freedom. Now you can use your iPhone in the pool, snow, dirt, sand and even the shower. I can honestly say that LifeProof is the best case for iPhone 4…no other case even comes close. LifeProof for iPad 2 is coming soon, and I’m sure it will offer the same awesomeness.

Now you can purchase the LifeProof Case for iPhone 4 and 4S from Best Buy

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  1. John Il says:

    Great Case Review. I was looking for this and I happened to stumble upon iLoc iPad Cases. They’re very inexpensive and works great for my needs in the kitchen and at the beach. I got mine for just a couple dollars are

  2. Tinker2evers2chance says:

    Case works! BUT no costomer service.. Phone number is worthless no answer,same for twitter account! Bought second gen for 4s people I call have hard time hearing me! Siri can’t understand! Because of design of case I can’t use docking station and the company has a dock extender but it’s been out of stock for months!! Again worst part is lifeproof doesn’t answer any calls,inquires or twitter posts! Sure it works to keep water out but it’s worthless once your $400 phone is in it!! Horrible customer service! Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy this!!!

  3. Guest says:

    awesome customer service via email — complained about a scratch and the replace the case. it was over 6 months old… 

  4. Ascottyb says:

     This seemed to be  a cool product with a fixable flaw that a bad company messed up with deception and fumbling.
     1 Lifeproof denied warranty lying about purchase in waranty period. It was referred to them well within their 90 day period.
     2 Lifeproof failed to replace or reemburse for a well know defect and instead told warrantable customers to purchase a full price new one.
    3 Lifeproof, when exposed for their misconduct, promised to replace defective items, another promise  they have failed to act on.
     And please do not carry disreputable Lifeproof  products, a simple search reveals the multitude of problems with their company.