How to Enable Multitasking Gestures on Original iPad Running iOS 5

Posted on October 25, 2011 by

Apple decided to block the multitasking gestures feature in iOS 5 for owners of the original iPad. The feature allows users to swipe between apps, reveal the multitask bar and access the home screen by using on-screen gestures. These gestures worked on the previous version of iOS, but is only available on iPad 2 with iOS 5….well, unless you follow the steps below from Lifehacker. No jail breaking required.

  1. First, download the modified redsn0w download from this page.
  2. Unzip and run redsn0w.
  3. Walk through the redsn0w wizard. If you’ve ever jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad, this is pretty basic stuff. You’ll need to put your phone into DFU mode, which redsn0w walks you through, then allow it to perform its magic on your device.You’ll be presented with a few checkboxes during this process; from what the user from modmyi says, you can check whatever boxes you want—this hacked version of redsn0w will do the same thing no matter what. But because it felt weird not to, I unchecked the Install Cydia box and checked Enable multitask gestures. (You can see it in the video.)This process will take a few minutes, and your iPad will restart a few times throughout.

Be patient, and once redsn0w is done, your iPad will restart. Unlock your screen, head to Settings > General, and you should now see the multitasking option enabled on your device. Go swipe crazy.

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