Fake Jailbreak App Surfaces in App Store (UPDATED)

Posted on November 11, 2011 by

UPDATE: Apple has removed Jailbreak from the App Store.

I think this is pretty funny, someone has created a universal iOS app called Jailbreak. It doesn’t say anywhere in the description that it actually jailbreaks your device, but obviously they are trying to fool people. The app is really just a cheap 2D scrolling game, but they are charging $9.99 for it. According to the reviews, it looks like some people have fallen for the prank and upset about it. I don’t really feel too bad for them though, because how could anyone actually believe that Apple would allow an app that would jailbreak iOS in the App Store? These people may have lost $9.99, but I think of it as an investment at becoming a little less gullible.

Check out Jailbreak in the App Store and read the reviews for a good laugh.

Source: iDB

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