Awesome iPhone Controlled Coffee Brewer Makes Four Cups a Minute

Posted on December 5, 2011 by

This has to be the coolest coffee machine in the world. TopBrewer from Scanomat is designed to be controlled with your iPhone or iPad. The price of TopBrewer hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m sure it will be very expensive. Check out Scanomat’s website for all the details.

Envision being able to control your coffee machine with a device you already have in your pocket. With TopBrewer this is made possible with our smartphone application for your iPhone.

Quickly connect to the machine and select from the available drinks – or have your own favorite coffee pre-programmed and dispense it just the way YOU like it.

The app gives you full control of the machine and displays status messages when woken up from standby till it’s ready to brew.

Have complete control of your TopBrewer and experience a new sensation when selecting your coffee.

You can even explore our model lineup and order more coffee when you run out.

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