Review: mSecure Password Manager Makes Managing Confidential Information Simple

Posted on December 12, 2011 by

If you’re looking for a great password manager, mSecure by mSeven Software is one you should definitely check out. mSecure keeps all of your passwords and other important information securely synchronized between all your devices, whether Mac, Windows, iOS or Android. Three things I look for in a password manager are security, simplicity and enough customization options to fit my needs, and mSecure offers all of these.

When it comes to security, mSecure has that covered with ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption. Other features include auto-lock, which requires a password each time the app is opened, a password generator to create random and secure passwords and a self-destruct option that can go into effect if a hacker attempts to guess your password. You can use Dropbox to sync information between devices, and the file is encrypted so it’s not dependent on the security of Dropbox.

mSecure has a very user-friendly interface, creating or looking up information is pretty easy. When creating a new entry, it offers a wide range of pre-defined types like Web Logins, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and more. You can also easily create your own instead of using one of the seventeen standard templates. With the ability to search, categorize and mark any record as a favorite, finding the information you’re looking for becomes very easy. Simplicity seems to be a very important aspect to the creators of mSecure, and I feel they’ve done a great job.


I love all the customization mSecure offers. When creating a new template, it offers unlimited fields, unlimited groups and over 100 icons to personalize your records. Being able to create different groups like Personal, Business, etc. is very nice. Another cool feature is the ability to customize the theme color and font style of your account, creating a look that is your own.

mSecure is my choice when it comes to password managers, not only for its security, simplicity and customization, but also because it works so well between all my devices. Whether I’m on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone, I always have all my confidential information securely available. I highly recommend mSecure anyone who has experienced being denied access to one of their accounts because they can’t remember their login credentials. And with all the sites and services we use these days, it’s important not to use the same password for everything. mSecure solves this problem and makes it easy to manage multiple accounts and passwords.

mSecure is available as a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the App Store for $9.99. The Mac OS X version of mSecure is available in the Mac App Store for $19.99.

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