Analyst: Apple Wants to Offer Television Subscribers Customized Channel Lineups

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Many people who don’t know how to “think different” believe that the rumored “iTV” will get its content from the air or cable like every other TV, but they think the distinguishing feature will be an Apple interface with Siri integration. Neil Hughes over at AppleInsider has an interesting theory that makes much more sense and fits in with Apple’s business model much better.

Customized programming is said to be one of Apple’s most desired features for its rumored television set, according to analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee. In Apple’s vision, customers would choose whichever channels or shows they want for a monthly subscription fee.

“Today, iTunes has a rich library of movies and TV shows but it is mostly for downloads and only movies are available for rentals (TV shows once were but were terminated in August 2011),” he wrote. “What’s missing is live broadcast television.”

Hardware and technology are not the issues holding back Apple from releasing a television set, he said. Instead, Apple must negotiate unique content deals that will allow the company to differentiate its product from other televisions on the market.

He said the obvious way Apple could allow this is to integrate with a cable or satellite subscription already offered to customers. But the more revolutionary way would be to deliver live content via the Internet or IPTV, a method that would be more in line with the company’s existing iTunes and iCloud services.

Apple’s interest in expanding its content offerings has been known for some time, as the company is said to have pushed for more options and greater flexibility in negotiations with content providers. In November, CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves revealed his company was approached by Apple about a potential streaming TV deal that would share ad revenues, but the network declined Apple’s offer because it prefers licensing its content.

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