’60beat GamePad’ PS3-Style Controller Now Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Posted on December 29, 2011 by

Although some games on the iPhone and iPad are perfect for a touch interface, others would be much better with a game controller. 60beat GamePad has a similar style to Sony’s PS3 controller and plugs into your iOS device’s headphone jack. It requires no setup and doesn’t need batteries. Unfortunately, it only officially supports two titles right now, Bugdom 2 and Aftermath. But hopefully more developers will start supporting it soon.

60beat GamePad is $49.99 and available on their online store.

From 60beat’s press release:

With proprietary technology that uses the headphone jack as the interface, the 60beat® GamePad significantly improves the IOS gaming experience by moving the controls from the screen to a fully-featured hand-held game controller.

Developed to look, feel and operate like widely-used external controllers, GamePad easily and instantly transforms an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® into a game console. The ergonomic design delivers superior comfort and control. Buttons and joysticks are engineered to deliver precise response and the tactile sensations gamers expect.

Check out the video below to see 60beat GamePad in action.

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  1. yomo says:

    would this work with cod black ops zombies or battle field for the ipod?

  2. King says:

    Will this work for cod black ops zombies on ipad ever