Fullscreen iPad Apps Running on Hacked Apple TV, Not AirPlay (Video)

Posted on January 1, 2012 by

Here is the latest from the Apple TV MobileX project that @stroughtonsmith and @TheMudkip have been working on the past couple days. This video shows them demonstrating some apps like Facebook, Maps, Safari and YouTube on a hacked Apple TV. This is not AirPlay, the apps are running directly from the Apple TV and scaling to 720p.

MobileX is a window manager for iOS that replaces Springboard, letting iPhone and iPad apps run on the Apple TV. Since the Apple TV doesn’t have a touch screen, they are using a combination of VNC, SSH and the Apple Remote to launch and navigate apps. Once they are done, you will be able to launch apps using only the remote.

We’ll keep you updated on their progress, so far they seem to be doing a great job.

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  1. MacsRgay says:

    I already saw this on Engadget…