RUMOR: Apple to Sell $299 iPad 2 Alongside iPad 3

Posted on January 3, 2012 by

There are always lots of rumors and speculation leading up to the release of a new Apple device, and with the iPad  2 becoming a year old in 2 months, many people believe Apple will announce the iPad 3 soon. The latest rumor comes from DigiTimes, who has about a 50/50 track record on Apple rumors, and they claim that Apple will drop the price of the iPad 2 and sell it alongside the iPad 3. They say that the iPad 2 price will drop to $399, or as low as $299 to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire, which sells for $199.

A lot of this sounds more like speculation than information from an actual source. Apple dropped the price of the original iPad to $399 once the iPad 2 was released, so I would expect them to drop the iPad 2 price at least $100 when the iPad 3 is released. But Apple only sold the original iPad until they ran out of stock, and this report makes it sound like they would continue manufacturing the iPad 2 even after the iPad 3 is released.

iPad rumors in general usually seem to be wrong, so I wouldn’t take any of this that seriously. We’ll just have to wait and find out….but hopefully not too much longer.

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