How to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Posted on January 22, 2012 by

This guide will help you jailbreak A5 devices like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe, a tool created by the Chronic Dev Team with the help of pod2g and others. If you have a non-A5 device like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod touch 3G or 4G, head on over to our jailbreak guide for those devices.

What you need:

  • Compatible iOS device (iPhone 4S or iPad 2)
  • Device updated to latest firmware, iOS 5.0.1
  • Absinthe for Mac or Windows

Make sure you backup your device using iTunes or iCloud before following this tutorial.

  1. Download Absinthe and extract the ZIP file.
  2. Double-click to open the Absinthe app.
  3. When the app loads, it will ask you to connect the device to your Mac.
  4.  Once the device is connected, click “Jailbreak” and be patient while Absinthe performs its actions. The iOS device will say “Restoring in Progress.” Do not disconnect the device or quit Absinthe during the jailbreak process.
  5. Once the process is completed, you will see the newly installed Absinthe app on your Home screen. Open the app and you’ll be taken to the Greenpois0n website. Some code will run and reboot the device.
  6. Once the device has rebooted, the Absinthe app will be replaced with Cydia.

That’s it, you now have an untethered jailbreak on your A5 device. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. All thanks go to @pod2g and his team who worked hard to bring us this untethered jailbreak.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is a Video on how to do the Ipad 2 Jailbreak on Windows

  2. 007 says:

    good but am using Iphone 4 with IOs 5.0.1 can this be jailbreakable and can we install installous?. thank you

  3. ANDREWUEYR3343 says:

    I have unlocked my new iphone on the website http://WWW.EASYRA1N.COM

  4. FAZ says:

    thanks, it works wonderfully we really appreciate your hard works

  5. FAZ says:

    I did jailbreak my iPad 2 i have Cydia installed in my device but still can’t install my apps. can any one help?

  6. Baotri24 says:

    same here i did jailbreak my iPad 2 and installed cydia but it won’t let me install my installous 4 or any apps. can anyone help?

  7. Bryanchung2012 says:

    does it not work if you dont back up?

  8. Alexng says:

    Can it install installous in iPhone 4s after jailbreak?

  9. Alfredleung23 says:

    At Cydia – Install AFC2add can work !

  10. Azeem says:

    When I connect my iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 I can’t click on the jailbreak button, please help?

  11. Eli Courey says:

    it still works if you don’t backup, but the Chronic Dev Team advises it just in case something goes wrong during the jailbreak.

  12. Eli Courey says:

    follow this guide for jailbreaking iPhone 4:

  13. Eli Courey says:

    does Absinthe say it sees your iPhone is connected? or does it still say “Plug in your iPhone 4S…”?

  14. Mrsalahawad says:

    hi, i have ipad2 and was do all steps for jailbreak but it’s nothing change!
    please help

  15. Sathrock says:

    thats great finally u guys did that ,thanks a lot

  16. Shehryar72 says:

    Thanks a lot. It worked for me. Right now I’m downloading Installous. Lets see what happens next.

  17. Laurence Leonard says:

    I ran the program and when it says preparing jailbreak data it says the program has stopped working and windows closes it…. Does anyone know a solution?

  18. TehNoob says:

    Does this work on the 3G model of the iPad 2?

  19. Just4alexut says:

    I have the same problem … can any1 help us ?

  20. Sais Alaa says:

    For me yes, the button jailbreak is disabled even though the IPAD 2 is connected. please help

  21. Shehryar72 says:

    Hi All,
    Its me again. Thanks to all of you. The jailbreak for Windows worked like wonders. I even tested it by installing my fav apps without any issues.
    Keep It Up!

  22. Mrsalahawad says:

    we have same problem no any1 help us

  23. Mike Baxter says:

    dude… your a star

  24. Eli Courey says:

    It works with both the WiFi only and the WiFi+3G iPad 2. Thanks for the questions, I should update the post to include this information.

  25. Eli Courey says:

    If you’re using Windows Vista or 7, try right-clicking on the Absinthe file and select “Run as Administrator”

  26. Just4alexut says:

    I tryied that too still doesn’t work :-( do you have other ideas ?

  27. Esprit3443 says:

    When I click Absinthe on my springboard it takes me to the site but never reboots and just says “ABSINTHE is now setting things up, please stand-by” and it never reboots! :( what can i do?

  28. Salvy3694 says:

    i just want to kno does this work with a ipod 4g? no right ?

  29. Eli Courey says:

    This one doesn’t work on the iPod 4g, but you can check out our guide for jailbreak non-A5 devices here:

  30. hotjattxxx says:

    the jailbreak button is says plug in your iphone 4s…..
    i have iphone 4s 5.0..pls help

  31. hiennguyen says:

    my mac wont launch the absinthe… does anyone noe why??? please help 

  32. Ahmadfarghaly728 says:

    Guys if you’re using your work laptop then you can’t dot, because of some issues related to local admin and some bla bla
    My advice is:
    1- go to your PC or your personal laptop ( which has no issue in security stuff)
    2- install iTunes latest vergin
    3- remove your pass code
    4- run the absinthe file
    5- don’t unlock your device untill the bar is full
    6- when the bar is full unlock your device and open the VPN, your device will crash
    and restart

    That’s it :)
    Cheers from Egypt

  33. Aranhughes says:

    Nc 1.

  34. Please help. says:

    I tried that but I still have the same problem…what should I do(I even have a Mac)

  35. jkp02uk says:

    Brilliant thanks, worked perfectly on ipad2 ios 5.0.1

  36. Barb says:

    I am have toubles with this.. I load the program and concect my ipad 2 but it is saying error and ask me if I want to try again unplug and plug in again.. Have done this about 10 times but the same thing happens everything.. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks

  37. andwan0 says:

    fantastic! after jailbreak, are we able to get our blobs? I like to restore to iOS 4.x (last version b4 5.x)… for the lyrics in MP3s

  38. Mellylafro says:

    thanks good job

  39. Danielespino78 says:

    its says device not compadible :/

  40. vainness says:

    when i open the absinthe it snow the attached device is not supported.
    any1 can help me ?

  41. Kreymborg2003 says:

    totally stumped. 
    when i open the absinthe it keeps saying attached device is not supported