Kickstarter Project: ‘cellhelmet’ iPhone Case Includes Accidental Damage Insurance and Looks Awesome

Posted on February 15, 2012 by

The fully funded Kickstarter project ‘cellhelmet’ has 24 more days to go and will start production on March 10. cellhelmet is the first and only iPhone 4/4S case to insure against physical damages. Besides looking awesome and offering great protection, if your iPhone does happen to accidentally break inside of a cellhelmet, they will repair or replace it.

We will keep you updated on the progress of cellhelmet and have a full review available once we get our hands on the product.

Check out cellhelmet on Kickstarter:

Hi there – thanks for checking out our project!  With your help, we can bring cellhelmet to life, eliminating the need for monthly cell phone insurance agreements.  New, used, unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4/4S’s can all be insured by cellhelmet, for physical damages.  Stop paying your provider every month for insurance!

cellhelmet.  The ultimate protection for any iPhone 4/4S, offering you one full year of guaranteed accidental damage insurance for your device (water damage excluded).  Accidentally drop it or step on it – if your iPhone 4/4S breaks inside of a cellhelmet – you’re covered.  cellhelmet is your safety net for accidents.  *Must register cellhelmet within 30 days of purchase.

“cellhelmet is not an indestructible brick-of-a-case. We wanted to keep the iPhone functional, so we designed it to be slim and bundled it with insurance, rather than adding unneeded bulk.”

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