Leaked iPad 3 Parts Reveal Huge Surprise (Pictures)

Posted on March 1, 2012 by

Oh wait, I take that back, these images don’t reveal anything new that we didn’t already basically know. But for those of you who had doubts of the iPad 3 featuring a Home button, it looks like those rumors have been put to rest.

Repair Labs has more information:

The picture above is the iPad 3 digitizer. This part controls the iPad’s touch function, as well as includes your front glass. As you can see from our images, not much has changed in the look of your iPad. With the back housing in hand, and now with this piece, we can confirm your iPad will look a lot like the iPad 2, just that 1mm thicker. The picture above also proves that we will have the home button on the iPad 3, contrary to some reports that came out yesterday. We also can see that Apple is planning to have both black and white models of the iPad 3, which is not surprising.

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