RUMOR: Apple Planning to Launch TV Streaming Service by Christmas

Posted on March 2, 2012 by

Apple is getting ready to launch a streaming TV service by Christmas, according to the New York Post. The New York Post is known for making stuff up, so I wouldn’t put much trust in it. It’s obvious Apple wants to get into the TV market, probably more of content delivery than an actual television set. This article by the New York Post is most likely just speculation, but still interesting.

Apple is pushing ahead with plans to launch a streaming TV service by Christmas — despite making little headway in its negotiations with content providers, The Post has learned.

For months, Apple’s point man, Eddie Cue, has been leading talks with content providers, which have largely balked at the tech giant’s efforts to exert control over all aspects of the video service, including pricing, sources said.

Apple’s negotiating stance can be summed up as “we decide the price, we decide what content,” according to one source familiar with the talks.

Apple is pitching the idea of offering channels as apps for its devices, including its Apple TV set-top box. It’s unclear whether it would group the apps together and charge a fee — similar to a cable-TV subscription — or offer the channels on an a la carte basis.

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