What the iPad 3 Really Needs: Fewer Stupid Articles About the iPad 3

Posted on March 6, 2012 by

Craig Grannell has written a funny and informative article on his blog Revert to Saved about all the dumb things people are saying the iPad 3 needs. Even though the iPad is selling more than all other tablets combined, “technology experts” think they know better than Apple on how to make sure the iPad 3 doesn’t fail, like giving it a stylus and physical keyboard.

As the iPad 3 gears up to smash the industry in the face, the internet is being pelted by articles that say—shock!—the iPad 3 is doomed! It’s rubbish! Its competition is about to nonchalantly zoom past, leaving Apple once again like it was back in the days when it didn’t have a clue.

This is all true. Especially if you ignore the fact that today’s Apple has a clue. And that the iPad has sold more rapidly than anything else Apple has ever released. And the fact competing tablets are selling poorly, bar the Kindle Fire, which is only currently available in the USA. And that everyone and his dog is writing an ‘iPad is actually rubbish’ article, because, clearly, there’s lots of interest about the iPad. BUT LET’S IGNORE ALL THESE THINGS, BECAUSE!

Head on over the Revert to Saved for the full article.

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