Live Coverage of Apple’s iPad 3 Event in San Francisco

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11:25 that’s all, thanks for joining us

11:24 says we are going to see a lot more inovation later this year

11:23 Tim Cook is thanking everyone

11:22 new iPad commercial

11:20 iPad 2 will continue to be sold, price drop of $100

11:16 it sounds like the new iPad will just be called iPad, or 3rd-generation iPad. this is how I’ve always said it should be with iPhone and iPad, they’ve always done it with the iPod touch.

11:15 showing video demo

11:14 iPhoto available today for only $4.99!

11:14 all of iLife now on iPad, iPhoto, Garage Band and iMovie

11:08 sharpen, darken, “repair”, red eye, saturation and much more

11:06 lots of great photo editing features

11:05 easily share photos through email, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and others

11:02 this looks like an awesome app! supports up to 19 megapixel photos

11:01 browse your photo library and even edit them. new gestures, multi-touch editing and “photo beaming” between devices

11:00 iPhoto for iPad announced! it’s about time

10:58 new iMovie

10:56 updated Garage Band app with Smart Strings, Note Editor and push through iCloud. Sharing feature.

10:55 Phil is back on state showing off productivity apps like iWork

10:53 showing how awesome games look on the Retina display

10:49 talking about apps

10:48 pre-orders start today!!!!

10:48 available on March 16th

10:48 $129 more for 4G

10:46 $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB

10:45 10 hours of battery life, 9 hours on 4G

10:44 personal hotspot if the carrier supports it

10:42 both on Verizon and AT&T

10:40 demoing the speed of LTE, very fast

10:38 4G LTE

10:37 voice dictation

10:35 showing video

10:35 1080p video recording

10:34 5 megapixel

10:33 iSight camera

10:32 the A5X offers four times the performance

10:32 comparing a Tegra 3 to the A5, “twice as fast”

10:29 A5X processor, quad-core graphics

10:29 physical Home button

10:28 40 percent better color saturation

10:27 264ppi

10:25 over a million more pixels than a 1080p display

10:25 2048×1536 resolution!!! 3.1 million pixels, most ever in a mobile device

10:24 Retina display

10:22 Phil Schiller is out to talk about the new iPad

10:22 “Today we’re announcing the new iPad, and it is amazing.”

10:20  over 200,000 iPad apps available

10:19 “We sold more iPads in the last quarter of last year, than any PC maker sold of their PCs.”

10:18 “We sold 15.4m in the last quarter alone.”

10:18 Cook is talking about the success of the iPad

10:16 available March 16th. pre-orders start today!

10:15 still only $99

10:13 “Just like we’ve done for music and TV shows, you now have access to movies you’ve already purchased in iCloud.”

10:12 1080p and new interface, looks more like iOS

10:11 new Apple TV announced!!!

10:09 talking about the App Store

10:08 talking about Siri. listening to what Siri sounds like in other parts of the world like Australia, Japan, France, Germany

10:07 sold 62 million iOS devices just last quarter

10:06 Cook is back on stage talking about the success of iOS

10:04 watching video of Apple stores around the world

10:03 post PC devices make up 76% of Apple’s revenue

10:02 3 post PC products, the iPod, iPhone and iPad

10:01 Living in a world where devices are more personal and portable than any PC

10:01 Cook is talking about the PC revolution and how Apple is leading it

10:00 Tim Cook is on stage

9:58 Lights dimming…it’s starting!!!

7:01AM Apple Store is down…

We are liveblogging Apple’s announcement of the next iPad today starting at 10AM Pacific Time.

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