InstaGamer for iPhone is Instagram Meets Memory

Posted on March 13, 2012 by

If you are a fan of Instagram and memory games, you will love InstaGamer. With a retro Polaroid-inspired interface, InstaGamer links to Instagram for a great way to discover awesome pictures while playing the classic game of memory.

InstaGamer is available for free in the App Store.


  • Access 400+ million photos from over 15 million users
  • Search photos by tag
  • View our featured photo sets
  • Cultivate your Instagram™ network.


  • Like amazing photos
  • Follow your favorite photographers


  • Personalize your game
  • Quick, easy and fun
  • The variety of game play options is nearly limitless!
  • No Instagram™ account required


  •  1 player / 2 player modes
  • View and play photos from the different Instagram™ feeds.
  • Easily discover new and interesting photographers and photos.
  • Login with your own Instagram™ account and play a game with your own photos.
  • Follow Users.
  • Like photos inside the game so you can enjoy great photographs over and over again in InstaGamer™, and Instagram™
  • Search for and play with your favorite tags.
  • Graph your skills. InstaGamer™ features stats that show you how well you do over time. People who play memory games to exercises their minds will love this feature.

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