Ten Essential Apps for Your New iPad

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Apple has created a new section in the App Store to highlight Great Apps for the New iPad. We would like to mention some of our favorite apps for iPad, some of which have been optimized for the new Retina display, and others that should be getting an update very soon.

iPhoto for iOS: Apple launched iPhoto for iOS last week and it’s pretty awesome. iPhoto is a universal app that runs on iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later. iPhoto gives you a great multi-touch interface to browse, edit and share your photos from your iPad or iPhone. For only $4.99, this is definitely a must-have app.



iMovie for iOS: iMovie is another great app by Apple, letting you make awesome HD movies anywhere with your iPad or iPhone. It is a universal app and works with iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later. With iMovie, you can create spectacular trailers and thrilling home movies in minutes, and then easily share your finished projects with the world.



GarageBand: Apple has recently updated GarageBand, now letting you start a Jam Session with your friends. You can use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to play or record live over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with up to three of your friends. GarageBand turns your iOS device into dozens of musical instruments, it’s pretty cool.



Netflix: Netflix is definitely one of my favorite iPad apps. Although the interface could still use some improvements, it’s a great way to access Netflix’s entire streaming catalog of movies and TV shows.




Facebook: Unless your’re one of the few people out there without a Facebook account, this is a must-have app for iPad. Since Facebook doesn’t have a very touch-friendly website, the Facebook app makes staying in touch with your friends much easier. If you’ve used the iPhone app, this version is similar and has a very nice interface. It’s also a great way communicate with us here at MacDaddyNews, so don’t forget to “Like” us if you haven’t already.



Twitter: Twitter for iPad is also a great social networking app, and the latest version has been updated for the Retina display on the new iPad. Twitter is also a great way to follow MacDaddyNews.




Real Racing 2 HD: Real Racing 2 HD is probably the best racing games for iPad. The latest version has been updated for the new iPad’s Retina display, making the awesome graphics look even more real. Real Racing 2 HD also has some cool multiplayer features, including a way to use play with up to 4 people on your Apple TV using AirPlay. Check out our previous article about AirPlay with Real Racing 2 HD for more information and a video. Real Racing 2 HD is currently on sale for $2.99, so you might want to get it fast.


Air Video: I’ve talked about Air Video before, and I really think it’s a must have app for iPad, especially if you also have an Apple TV. Air Video lets you play any video from your computer on your iPad, no matter what the video format is. You can even set it up to access your computer when you’re away from home. And one of the coolest features if you have an Apple TV is that you can AirPlay any of these videos to your Apple TV, giving you a great way to play any format video on your HDTV. Air Video is a universal app for iPad and iPhone and cost $2.99.


SugarSync: SugarSync is a great app for both iPad and iPhone. If you’re not familiar with SugarSync, you might want to check out our full review. SugarSync is basically a cloud-based storage solution like nothing else out there. It lets you sync any folder on your computer to the cloud and make them accessible from all of your other computers and mobile devices. Read our review for all the details, it really is a must-have service and app.



Dropbox: You are probably familiar with Dropbox, one of the most popular cloud-storage services. Dropbox gives you one folder you can use to easily send any file to the cloud and make it accessible from any other computer or device. Think of it as a cloud-based USB flash drive. Although SugarSync offers a similar service with their Magic Briefcase, I still find myself using Dropbox a lot because so many apps support it. And like with SugarSync, Dropbox also lets you easily share files or folders with your friends, family and co-workers.

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