SugarSync Updates iPad App With Awesome New Interface

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SugarSync just updated their iPad app to version 3.0, bringing an awesome new interface that will make even Apple’s UI design team a little jealous. SugarSync’s app now uses sliding “panels” or “cards” that slip above and below each other, similar to Twitter for iPad. This type of touch interface seems to be catching on with iPad apps lately, and it’s perfect for the SugarSync app.

If you’re not familiar with SugarSync, it’s one of the best solutions for synchronizing your files across multiple computers and devices. You can read our full review of SugarSync here.

Check out the screenshots below, and if you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend signing up for the 5GB of free storage.  It’s a great feeling knowing you can easily access any of your files from any of your computers or devices. I’ve been using SugarSync for just over a year now and have been very happy with their service, it’s like Dropbox on steroids. For a comparison of SugarSync with other cloud storage services like Dropbox and, check out this link.



New Features in SugarSync for iPad 3.0:

  • The Mobile Cloud, Simplified
    From the moment you log in to the SugarSync app on your iPad, you’ll notice a simplified interface. We’ve moved all of your devices, shared folders, photos, and more to a permanent toolbar along the left side of the screen for easier navigation. We also put one of our most popular and useful features – mobile photo and video backup – right on the home screen for instant access.
  • Simple Drag and Swipe Navigation
    Navigating the new SugarSync for iPad app is simple and intuitive. To access your files, simply click on a device and a panel with your synced folders and files from that device will slide in for easy viewing. As you click into folders, additional panels will slide in and stack on top of previous panels as you navigate deeper within any file path. You can drag, swipe, half-swipe, and use other familiar gestures to see more or less of your data. And no matter where you are in a file path, the toolbar on the left stays present, so that you can quickly access other devices and important data without having to click a “Back” button frequently.
  • See More, Do More – All at Once
    Instead of seeing the content of one folder taking up the entire screen on your iPad (and seeing lots of wasted white space), you can now see the contents of many folders at once and open files in any of them instantly. This is especially useful when you want to browse photos quickly without having to scroll through every photo sequentially. Applying the same principle to documents, songs, etc. means you can do a lot more a lot faster, and in a way that we think is just more fun.

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  1. Phil Blake says:

    ….still prefer GoodSync

  2. Eli Courey says:

    I’ve heard about GoodSync, but never tried it. It seems like most of the features it has can be accomplished with Folder Actions on OS X, but neither offer the options you can get with a cloud sync service. I like how SugarSync works so seamlessly, but I’ll give GoodSync a try too. The website shows it on an iPhone and iPad, but I don’t see a GoodSync app in the App Store. Have you tried it on iOS? I’m curious if it’s web based or if I’m just missing something.