First iPhone Case that Could be Considered a Weapon

Posted on March 29, 2012 by

Knucklecase is a solid aluminum case that acts like a bumper for iPhone 4/4S. But Knucklecase isn’t like any iPhone bumper you’ve seen before, this one could be used to beat down anyone who tried to steal your iPhone from you. Of course, they do have a terms of sale that says it’s only a protective accessory for an iPhone and they will not be responsible for any damage to yourself or third parties.

Knucklecase is available on their website for $99.

Toughen up your iPhone with this knockout accessory. You will never drop your iPhone again. Knucklecase will give your iPhone the security it deserves with looks to kill. Made entirely in the USA of machine crafted solid aluminum and totally recyclable. This is the only case with the fit and finish to go toe and toe with the iPhone. So be the first in your crew to rock the one and only original Knucklecase.

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