RUMOR: Apple Planning to Launch ‘iPad mini’ in Q3 2012

Posted on April 16, 2012 by

Chinese web portal NetEase claims Apple is planning to launch an “iPad mini” in the third quarter of 2012. According to the report, the device will be priced at either $249 or $299.

Apple intends to launch the iPad Mini news rumored long-standing, according to Taiwan media reports, the recent market came iPad Mini supply chain has been finalized, with the exception of David overseas, and the master also won the assembly order.

The news that Apple to suppress is about to commence in the third quarter, the counterattack Windows 8 army, the iPad Mini will be dishing out about 249 ~ $ 299 low price, and supply chain issued to those firms shipment targets more than 6 million units this year.

The industry’s rumored Apple iPad Mini supply chain has finalized the third quarter shipments, estimated 6 million shipments to the end point of view, outside the assembly, the appearance of the chassis are arranged by the Hon Hai Group, the new co-operation in some parts partners. In addition to the previous markets confirmed AUO and Shuo Following the New iPad this year, has re-received the iPad Mini Order.

I don’t take these “iPad mini” rumors very seriously, they are usually just speculation from people who think they know how to run the company better than Apple. In my opinion, Apple already sells an iPad mini…’s called the iPod touch.

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