How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Using Absinthe 2.0 (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

Chronic-Dev Team and iPhone Dev Teams recently released Absinthe 2.0, an untethered jailbreak for iOS devices running Apple’s latest firmware, 5.1.1. If you don’t have iOS 5.1.1 yet, you must update before running the jailbreak. The jailbreak works on just about all iOS devices, including the iPhone 4S and new iPad (iPad 3). Check out the full list of supported devices below.

Supported Devices:

  • iPad1,1 – 2,1 – 2,2 – 2,3 – 3,1 – 3,2 – 3,3
  • iPhone2,1 – 3,1 – 3,3 – 4,1
  • iPod3,1 – 4,1
  • (Support for iPad2,4 will be added at a later date)

Absinthe 2.0 is a very simple jailbreak, they say it’s so easy that your grandma could do it. Just follow the steps below, and your iOS device will be safely jailbroken.

Make sure you backup your device using iTunes or iCloud before following this tutorial.

1. Once you backup your device, go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings. This will make the jailbreak process much faster.

2. Download Absinthe 2.0

3. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable and open Absinthe.

4. Click “Jailbreak” and wait……be patient and do not disconnect your device.

5. Once the jailbreak is complete, you can restore from your backup on iTunes or iCloud.

That’s it, you can now enjoy using your jailbroken device. Leave us a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. CausticGrip says:

    Epic FAIL!

    My Mac will not recognize my iPad 3.  All I can do is DL the exe. and open it.


  2. jmmsd says:

    i follow the link to green poison and it says page not located on green poison’s web site

  3. Eli Courey says:

    Sorry about that, it looks like the links changed. They are now working and pointing to the latest version 2.0.1.

  4. Nathanstevens2475 says:

    it takes forever

  5. sam says:

     why do u try exe on mac

  6. Eli Courey says:

    The exe won’t work on a Mac, that’s the Windows version. The Mac version is listed above under Step 2.

  7. scared of trying it on my new iphone, someone tell me its safe