RUMOR: Specs for New Mac Pro Revealed, Thunderbolt, Intel Xeon E5

Posted on June 6, 2012 by


Chinese site M.I.C. Gadget says “field experts” that have talked to industry sources gave them all the specs on the new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated for almost two years, and recent rumors claim Apple will refresh the line as soon as next week.

Here is the official word: SATA III/SAS connectivity is now native, which is always good for solid state drives. We expect Apple to be offering solid state drives as they are now, but with the fact being, that the SATA II is no longer a bottleneck. For boot drives, very good news, at 6GB/s.

Expect PCIE3 to be native as well. For your RAID arrays, video cards (professional or otherwise) this will be better than PCIE2 for scaling, though not better for performance in all cases. Also expect up to 40 lanes per socket, rather than the usual 36 of the previous generation.


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