How the iPhone is Better than Android for Hacking, Tweaking and Customization

Posted on June 8, 2012 by

Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker, who has been an Android fan for a long time, wrote a great article explaining why he thinks the iPhone is better for hacking, tweaking and customization. This is interesting coming from someone like Gordon, who is an advanced Android user and written countless articles on rooting your phone, downloading new ROMs and other tweaks. He even wrote a piece on the best Android features that the iPhone doesn’t have. Well, I’m happy hear that Gordon saw the light and is now an iPhone user. And his article may help other blinded Android users know the truth.

Head on over to Lifehacker for Gordon’s article. Even if you’re already an iPhone user, it’s definitely worth a read. Below is a summary of the three main points he discusses:

  • Jailbreaking is eons easier than rooting
  • Everyone’s  working from the same pool, which means more tweaks
  • You can find every app and tweak in one place

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