Tony Hawk Developers Bringing Side Scrolling Skateboarding Game to iOS with Epic Skater

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Epic Skater is an iOS skateboarding game from former developers of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero franchises. They are currently raising money for this project with Kickstarter, and plan on releasing it in December of this year. Check out their website at and head on over the Kickstarter page to pledge some money.

Epic Skater looks awesome and I’m looking forward to spending many hours playing it. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest Epic Skater news.

Press Release:

UpUpStart Announces Epic Skater for mobile devices
Former Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater devs creating a skateboarding mobile game, without Tony Hawk

Los Angeles, August 7, 2012: Brought to you by some of the key creators of the Tony Hawk’s ProSkater games, Epic Skater is an Action Sports video game coming to the iPhone, iPad, andAndroid mobile devices.

Epic Skater will be played as your traditional 2D side scroller in a variety of real worldskateboarding locations across the globe. The core focus of the game is to take the coolestelements of skateboarding, and utilize touch controls to create a fun, challenging, and a VERYtouch-intuitive experience that has never done before in the palm of your hand.

UpUpStart also has announced an indie music soundtrack that will feature a list of exclusivetracks from some unnamed indie bands in the LA scene.

This game really sets out to raise the bar for the skateboarding genre on mobile. Be sure tocheck it out, coming to your app stores sometime in late 2012.

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  1. Jigsup says:

    NONE of these guys are “key creators of the Tony Hawk series”.  NONE were on the original team.  The Press Release is totally false.

  2. iSkater says:

    Stickman Skater is my favourite skate game on iPhone. I will definitely grab this one too when it comes out, looks good.