RUMOR: Next iPad mini Will Have Retina Display

Posted on December 14, 2012 by


The device hasn’t been available for very long, but there are already rumors going around about the next-generation iPad mini. According to a report from Digitimes, Apple’s next iPad mini will feature a Retina display.

From Digitimes:

Apple’s next-generation iPad mini will focus mostly on enhancing the device’s display resolution, according to Taiwan-based backlighting industry sources.

The sources have yet to specify whether the device will use Apple’s Retina Display technology to enhanced resolution, but market observers said it is highly likely based on the development of past Apple products such as the iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad series.

A Retina display sounds like a pretty obvious improvement for the next iPad mini, I’m actually pretty disappointed the current version doesn’t have one. There are a few reasons I can think of why Apple chose not to include a Retina display. One would be cost, the Retina display would take away from their profits. Another reason may be because of battery life. The 3rd-generation iPad had to be a little thicker than the 2nd-generation so it could fit a bigger battery to power the Retina display. The iPad mini is very light and thin, a larger battery may have taken this away. And the third reason is so Apple has something to improve on with the next iPad mini.

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