Logitech Announces Ultrathin iPad mini Keyboard

Posted on February 5, 2013 by


Logitech announced a new keyboard cover for the iPad mini today called the Ultrathin Keyboard mini. The keyboard is pretty light, weighing only 220 grams (0.48 lb). The battery life is rated at three months, assuming an average of two hours a day usage.

With the small size of the iPad mini, Logitech wasn’t able to feature a full-size keyboard. They call this smaller format EasyType, and claim it gives you a fast and comfortable typing experience. I haven’t used one yet, but if it’s anything like any other tiny keyboards I’ve used, I’m sure it’s not easy. I’m guessing EasyType may just be a form of doublespeak.

Logitech is currently taking pre-orders for $79.99 and it should ship later this month.

logitechultrathinkeyboardmini-1 logitechultrathinkeyboardmini-3

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