How Idiotic People Can Be When it Comes to Innovation

Posted on February 19, 2013 by

iHKDesign has an awesome response to Steve Kovach’s idiotic article on

I was enjoying my recent blog fame, sitting alone, doing nothing. I opened a new tab in Safari on my Mac and up popped the top sites page. I decided to go to CNN and I browse around the technology section until I see something that makes me scream. I read through it again and again, trying to make myself believe that it is a dream. It isn’t. This pile of dogshit (or is it horseshit?) is real:

Apple also isn’t nearly as versatile at adding new software features to its devices. Apple usually makes users wait a year or more for a new version of iOS, and even then some older devices can’t access all the latest and greatest features.

Apple CEO Tim Cook likes to say tablets — not laptops — are the future of computing, yet it feels like Apple’s software goes out of its way to limit what you can do on the machine.

Meanwhile there are others, especially Samsung, that appear to be innovating at a pace faster than Apple can.

Head on over to iHKDesign for the full response, it’s a great read.

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