What to Expect from Apple’s Media Event Today

Posted on September 10, 2013 by


Apple’s media event starts today at 10AM Pacific Time, and here is what we are expecting the company to announce.

iPhone 5S

The next-generation iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 5S, will most likely be the main topic of the event. There have been reports that the iPhone 5S will feature an upgraded camera with dual-LED flash, a faster A7 processor, and a 128GB storage option. Another feature it is rumored to have is a fingerprint scanner built into the home button. This will probably be the feature most talked about by Apple.


iPhone 5C

Every year there are rumors of a “cheaper iPhone.” In the past I’ve just ignored these rumors because it’s hard to get cheaper than $0, which is the price you can currently get the iPhone 4 when signing a 2-year service contract. But this time I’m starting to actually believe these iPhone 5C rumors. The iPhone 5C will supposedly match the specs of the iPhone 5, but feature a plastic back and come in different colors. The iPhone 5C will probably sell for around $400 off-contract and could possibly be $99 or less with a 2-year contract. If Apple does this, they will most likely not offer the older iPhone models like they have in the past.


More iOS 7 Talk

iOS 7 was first unveiled at WWDC in June, but we still haven’t heard about an official release date. iOS 7 has been overhauled graphically and has many added features. We will probably get another demo of the OS and get a release date. My guess is they will release it either today or later this week.


One more thing…

There are also rumors of a new Apple TV, new iPods, new iPads and an iWatch, but I’m not betting on it. I think we will hear about new iPods and iPads later this year, but I think this event will be mostly dedicated to the iPhone and iOS. I don’t expect any new Apple TV hardware, but they may announce a software update for the current one.

And as far as an iWatch, I just don’t think they are ready for it yet. If Apple releases a watch, it will be revolutionary. It’s not going to be like that joke that Samsung recently released. I expect it to be fashionable, comfortable and have great battery life. And it will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I’m sure Apple has been researching and testing a device like this because they have patents that suggest such a thing, but I just don’t think they are quite ready to release it yet. But I will be happy if I’m wrong and they surprise me.

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