How to Replace the OS X Trash Can with a Mac Pro

Posted on January 26, 2014 by


Here are some simple instructions on how to replace the OS X Dock trash can with an icon of Apple’s new Mac Pro, which many have been saying resembles a trash can.

1.) Go to Machintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Dock

2.) Right click and “Show Package Contents” — Go to Contents > Resources

3.) Scroll down to find the files “trashempty.png”, “trashempty@2x.png”, etc and back them up — Eight files in all

4.) Download the replacement trashcan icons, unzip the archive and then drag “macProTrashEmpty.png,” “macProTrashFull.png,” etc (five files) into the Contents > Resources folder, replacing the standard icons.

5.) Lastly, fire up the Terminal and run “killall Dock”

If the Mac Pro trash can doesn’t show up right away, try putting something in the trash and them emptying it.


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