Liveblog: Apple Watch ‘Spring Forward’ Media Event

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11:34am  Cook recaps the event and thanks everyone for coming.

11:31am  Apple Watch Edition is priced from $10,000. Available at select retail stores.

11:30am  Apple Watch 38mm $549-$1049 depending on band. 42mm $599-$1099.

11:26am  Apple Watch Sport 38mm for $349, $399 for 42mm.

11:24am  Apple Watch video playing. Narrated by Jony Ive.

11:23am  Expect 18 hours on Apple Watch.

11:21am  Cook back on stage talking about new “Apple Watch” app on iPhone. Use it to browse and download apps.

11:20am  Open garage door with Apple Watch. Shows live video feed of garage door as it opens with


11:18am  Use Apple Watch to check in at a hotel and use it as your room key.


11:17am  You can use Apple Watch as your boarding pass on flights.

11:15am  Apple Watch communicates with iPhone over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


11:14am Instagram on Apple Watch.

11:13am  Showing how easy it is to use Apple Pay with your Apple Watch.

11:11am  Activate Siri by holding the crown or with your voice by saying “Hey Siri.”

11:10am  Kevin Lynch on stage talking about everything Apple Watch can do.

11:09am  You can pay with Apple Pay, view photos, you can control your music. You can interface with Apple Watch with Siri, just using your voice. And, you can get notifications on Apple Watch. Any notification that you receive on iPhone today, you can receive on your watch.

11:08am  Fitness is just the beginning of what Apple Watch can do.

11:05am  She is now on stage with Cook talking about Apple Watch and her half-marathon.


11:02am  Showing video of her experience with Apple Watch.

11:02am  First person to finish a half-marathon while wearing an Apple Watch.

11:01am  “We gave an Apple watch to a friend of ours.” Christy Turlington Burns.

10:58am Talking about the fitness aspects of Apple Watch. Stuff we’ve already seen…


10:56am  Cook back on stage to talk about the Apple Watch.

10:53am  Shipping April 10.


10:52am  1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core M, 512GB SSD for $1599.


10:52am  12.1-inch Retina, 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M, Intel HD Graphics 5300, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD. $1299.

10:52am  Schiller back on stage.

10:47am  Video playing of new MacBook. Narrated by Jony Ive.


10:45am USB-C gives you five ports in one. The new standard gives you power, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA capabilities.


10:44am  All-day battery life in new MacBook. 9 hours wireless web, 10 hours iTunes playback.

10:43am  The logic board is 67% smaller.


10:41am  First fanless MacBook.

10:40am  New revolutionary trackpad.

10:38am  Retina display. Best display ever on a Mac.


10:34am  Phil Schiller on stage talking about the new MacBook.



10:32am  Reinventing the notebook…

10:30am  Cook is back talking about the Mac.

10:29am  ResearchKit will be available next month. First apps already shown will be available today. It will be open source.

10:25am  Video playing of the people who have been working with ResearchKit.

10:24am  You decide whether to participate. You decide how your data is shared. Apple will not see your data.

10:23am  First apps made with ResearchKit target Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and breast cancer.

10:21am  Anyone with Parkinson’s can contribute to research. App turns iPhone into a diagnostic tool. Tapping test evaluates hand tremors. You can say Aaaaah into the mic and it measures variates to assess Parkinson’s.


10:17am  Jeff Williams, SVP of Operations on stage talking about iPhone HealthKit. Announcing ResearchKit.

10:16am  Every major car brand has committed to delivering CarPlay. More than 40 new models of cars shipping with CarPlay by the end of the year.

10:15am  Apple Pay off to an amazing start. 2,500 banks now supporting Apple Pay. nearly 700,000 locations across the US accepting it. Coca-Cola has 40,000 vending machines that take Apple Pay.

10:14am  Cook talks talking about iPhone. Recently sold 700 millionth iPhone. Top-selling smartphone in the world. 99% satisfaction rate.

10:12am  Tim Cook is back and says the Apple TV has a new price of $69. Down from $99.

10:09am  HBO CEO on stage introducing HBO NOW. No cable or satellite subscription. Just an internet connection and an Apple device. Coming early April for $14.99 a month. Apple is an exclusive partner at launch.


10:07am  Talking about Apple TV and HBO.


10:05am  Talking about the West Lake, China store. Apple now has a total of 453 stores worldwide.

10:03am  Tim Cook is on stage.

10:02am  A video showing the opening of the West Lake, China Apple Store is playing.

10:00am  Everyone is seated and the event is about to begin.

9:56am  Apple’s “Spring Forward” media event will be starting very soon.




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