RUMOR: Liquid Cooling Coming to the iMac

Posted on February 10, 2010 by

I’m not sure if this is what Apple has in mind, but there have been rumors for a long time that Apple has been working on a liquid cooled iMac.

From Patently Apple:
The first time that we learned of Apple seriously working on a liquid cooling system for an iMac was in a January 2008 Apple patent. The patent told us that Apple had been working on a liquid cooling system for a future iMac since 2006.

To be fair, the system Apple first described, was in context with is an iMac-like docking station. Yet the fact remains that if an iMac-like docking station was on the drawing board for a liquid cooling system in 2008, then the likelihood of that extending to the iMac is nothing short of being a no-brainer.

Why would Apple want to add liquid cooling to the iMac? Because with Apple now adopting true Intel desktop chipsets for the iMac, we keep hearing about heat issues – and it’s only going to be getting worse as time goes on.

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