Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. for iPhone Now Available

Posted on April 15, 2011 by

CAPCOM has released their first online game for iPhone, Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. The game is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time. Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. features multiplayer support for up to four players using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Highlights include:

  • Choose from one of the well known characters from Resident Evil series “Chris Redfield”, “Jill Valentine” and “Albert Wesker”.

Character feature:

  • Chris Redfield: Equip with Handgun, Shotgun, Hand Grenade
  • Jill Valentine: Equip with Handgun, Sub-Machine gun, Flash Grenade
  • Albert Wesker: Equip with Handgun, Magnum, Shotgun (Hydra) , Land mine

Stage feature:

  • Choose from one of the three maps! Maps include “Dock”, “Fort” and “Castle”.

Check out Resident Evil Mercenaries VS in the App Store.

App Store Link

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